Robert S. Lauridsen


First, ... I don’t consider my self  a writer so please excuse the lack of lengthy dialog and perfect punctuation.   Up to the minute posts on Facebook and Twitter, aren’t going to happen either, i’m choosing to not join the fray at this time. However lately I’ve needed a creative outlet to offset the insanity of the economy and my life in general.  So i’ve decided to to make an attempt at story telling.  Please indulge me while I explain.

I’ve felt a little lost since moving north from San Diego to the Hemet San Jacinto area. I drive 27 miles just to get to a freeway and 104 miles of daily commute has really started to get a little depressing.  On the brighter side I tend to get introspective and a little creative when I’m not really satisfied with my life.

My wife and my children are incredibly important to me at this stage and I’m not sure what I would do without them.  My plan is this I would like to share  one of the simple pleasures that helps me to put my life into perspective. My 2 children really enjoy their bedtime stories and I enjoy reading to them, so it works to everyones benefit. I thought perhaps I might record a few of these stories to share with my friends and their children.  This is where my father in law attorney advises me this is unwise, and I reply “have you ever heard of public domain?”. Yes I read very old books to my children, they don’t seem to mind.

I’m hoping this page will inspire my self and others to rediscover and share some of the simpler things in life with their friends and family. Let’s start with a sunset and work our way up to sunrises, morning walks in the woods, exploring tide pools and so many other things that we rarely take time to do in our technocaine* filled lives.

Story telling has been common in nearly every culture since the beginning of time, It may turn out that I’m not very good so be it, my children don’t seem to mind, so here we go.

Once upon a time....

Welcome to my world

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Columbine, Ouray Colorado, Sunrise over Yellowstone lake, Fall leaves Wyoming, Black & White Flower study.

All recordings posted here are works of my choosing. If the authors or copyright holders request they will be removed immediately.

  1. *Technocaine

The authors made up word.

derived by combining the words technology and cocaine. I first started using this term around


By my definition it is any addictive technology which draws us away from actually living life and seeing and interacting in a personal way with what is around us.  For example video games.